what is a network

A network is basically a set of two or more articles that are linked so the computers can share resources, such as printers, software, and internet connections. Networked computers can also share files without having to transfer data using a disk or data key. And users of networked computers can also communicate electronically without use of the internet.

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There are many reasons to why users are building networks within the home. The needs of the user must be taken into account before building a home network. Home networks (LAN) are built so that users can share the following:

* Peripheral sharing

* Program sharing

* File sharing

* Multiplayer Gaming

A home network allows users to share resources found within the LAN. For example as networks are vastly growing in the home so is the usage of the Internet, consequently this provides a means to share resources such as data, e-mail, multimedia etc not just within the local network.


Image: EdrawSoft Vector Based Graphic Design [www.edrawsoft.com]

The image above illustrates how various peripherals are shared within the network. For instance the rooter is connected to the ASDL modem which provides the internet access.

A firewall is "a piece of application software or a hardware device which provides protection to your computer system by screening out hackers, worms and viruses that try to infiltrate your computer system from the Internet with intents of causing damage to your computer system."


The illustration also shows the firewall in place which tries to prevent damage to the network when connecting to the internet and filters out bad traffic. Also in addition the printer and other hardware components illustrated can be connected to the network which allows the users within the network to use the components.

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