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What components needed to setup a home network.

In order to set up a home network, you will need various components:

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* Network Interface Card (NIC)-connecting a computer to the network via a NIC. allows the computer to send and receive radio waves. Most up to date computers have a NIC installed. They also have an “Ethernet Adapter” that is inside the back panel of the computer and connects to the cable or DSL modem. The NIC " controls the flow of data between the computers internal data bus and the serial stream of data on the network cable…..usually added to the pc expansion ports (PCI slot)"

(reference: How networks work, Les Freed, Que publishing, 2005, p88)


* Wireless network interface card (NIC) is used mostly for laptops that have NIC slot were users can insert a wireless card that connects to the network and internet.

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*Hub- A device that's used to link more than two computers together, a device to circulate packets, or blocks of information. When a computer is linked to a network it makes a request for data from another computer, which in turn request will be sent out to the hub

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* Router- A router is a network device that routes IP traffic across several IP networks and wired networks, can also join two networks together.

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* Modem- A modem is a device that allows you to connect to your Internet service provider.

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* Ethernet Cable- are needed that allow the transmission of data from one networked device to another.


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The image shows many different components connected within a network, as the rooter is connected to the modem which provides an internet connection. computers use devices such as NIC, and laptops have network adapters which can be connected to the network.

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