Benefits and drawbacks

Benefits and drawbacks of setting a home network.


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• File sharing - Network file sharing between computers gives you further flexibility than by means of floppy or Zip drives.

• Printer / peripheral sharing - Once a home network is in place, it's simple to then set up all of the computers to share a printer.

• Internet connection sharing - Using a home network, family members can access the Internet simultaneously without having to pay an ISP for multiple accounts.

• Multiplayer games - Many popular home computer games support LAN mode where friends and family can play simultaneously, if t computers networked.

• Internet telephone service - called Voice over IP (VoIP) services permit you to compose and accept phone calls through your home network across the Internet, saving you money.


• Can be costly to set up but once the network is built and running the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

• Network failure - There is always a risk of the network coming to a halt as faults can become evident.

• Network Maintenance - To keep the network secure and safe to use it has to be updated on a regular basis .

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